What services does the caravan bar provide?

Poppi & Co the vintage caravan bar is fully equipped to serve both hot and cold beverages at weddings, birthdays and other special events throughout Auckland & Waikato.

For our mobile bar service our clients provide all drinks (both alcoholic and non alcohol drinks) and our trained bar tenders will work their magic serving your guests throughout the event. As we do not sell alcohol, you are not required to obtain any liquor licensing and by purchasing drinks directly from the source, you- the host do not have to worry about mark up costs or corkage fees #win-win

What is included in your staffed package?

Our full staffed package includes full use of Poppi and her gadgets throughout service (this includes styling and decor, glass/stemware (champagne flutes, wine glasses, tumblers and hi-ball glasses, drink dispensers (perfect for signature cocktails), 3x drink/ice tubs (great for filling with ice and non-alcohol drinks and leaving out for guests to help themselves), water jugs, personalised bar menu signage, clearing of empty bottles and glasses from tables and surrounds and two experienced bar tenders.

30 minutes before service ends, we will switch our glasses with quality disposable cups so guests are not rushed to finish their drinks.

How much alcohol should we purchase?

This is a common question and one that depends upon many factors including type of event, number of guests, drinking behavior (conservative, moderate or heavy), duration of the event, time of day as well as seasonal factors (summer versus winter etc).

We recommend on average allowing two standard alcoholic drinks for cocktail hour or the first hour of service and one standard drink per hour thereafter per person (conservative drinker), if you know your guests are likely to lean more so towards moderate to heavy drinking, you would adjust this calculation accordingly.

Most alcohol stores will allow you to return any unused alcohol as long as the label and top are still in ‘as purchased’ condition but please check with your store of choice beforehand.

What types of alcohol should we purchase?

Again this is completely personal and depends largely on the type of event and personal preference.
For weddings, we have found the following list to be the most popular choices-

  1. Lindauer Special Reserve Rosé or any other type of Sparkling Rosé (this is usually one of the most popular drinks for weddings and can be used for toasting as a cheaper alternative to Champagne).

  2. Wine- We recommend providing guests with one type of red wine and up to two types of white wine, popular choices include Sauvignon Blanc and/or Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir.

  3. Beer- Hugely popular among the blokes, again keeping options limited to 2-3 choices helps keep the bar flowing. Popular beer choices include Corona (often served with a slice of lemon or lime), Heineken and Panhead.

  4. Signature Cocktail- Hugely popular with summer weddings, the bride and groom usually choose one or two cocktails to be served in large drink dispensers to their guests during ‘cocktail hour’. This adds an element of personalisation while also saving on time.

  5. Topshelf- Although not as common as the previous options, a selection of Topshelf options brings a level of sophistication and class to any event. Again, you would want to keep this simple and limited to one of each- Whisky, Liqueur and a Spirit.

How do you keep the beverages chilled?

Poppi is equipped with an 11 bottle wine chiller specifically designed to keep wine at an ideal temperature of 8-10 degrees.
She also has a small freezer and small fridge to allow our bartenders to serve guests efficiently.
We recommend hiring a chiller trailer for storing all other drinks in which our bartenders can retrieve and re-stock our own fridges and freezers when required.

Do you serve cocktails?

We sure can, our bar tenders are exceptionally talented at what they do. If you need assistance selecting cocktails, we would be more than happy to send you through a list of recipes to suit your event. Please note, if serving cocktails from behind the bar (as opposed to drink dispensers), we will require an additional staff member to dedicate to the art of ‘cocktail making’.

We do not have specialised cocktail glasses so if you prefer your cocktails to be served in stemware other than what we provide (tumblers and hi-ball glasses), please ensure you have these available for service.

Do you offer table service and/or roaming waiters?

Yes, we are more than happy to offer table service however depending on number of guests, this may incur an additional fee if an additional bar tender is required. We are also more than happy to collect empty glasses and bottles from tables as required.

Do you serve coffee?

Absolutely! We are lucky to have a trained barista in our team of bar tenders and have a barista package which can be added on to our bar service.

What are Poppi’s dimensions?

Poppi is a petite 12ft carvan or for those use to metric measurements, 4m long (including draw bar), 2.2m wide and 2.5m high.

Does Poppi require power?

Although power makes life a lot easier, Poppi is equipped to run off of our generator. If you are using Poppi as part of our DIY package, you will need access to mains power to best utilise her features (we do not allow her to be used off of a third party generators)

Do we need to obtain any permits or licencing?

Because Poppi does not sell alcohol, she does not require any permits or licencing. If you wish to use Poppi in a public area to serve alcohol, you will need to obtain relative council permits. Poppi has full public liability insurance and current registration with the Waikato Council which allows her to operate across New Zealand.

Top Tips

  • Ice, don’t forget to order ice for your event (especially for those summer events)

  • Ensure someone of significance remains sober throughout the event, remember the host is ultimately responsible for their guests

  • Have a list of taxi firms on hand for guests who may have had a little too much to drink needing to make their way from the event

  • Non-alcohol drinks- Remember some adults won’t be drinking, this may be a personal choice or for health reasons. What ever the reason it is always nice to have some fancy non-alcohol beverages available. Consider a ‘Mocktail’ or non-alcohol wine (yes it is actually a thing now- YAY).

  • Recycling & rubbish bins. Unfortunately we are unable to take rubbish away with us so please ensure we have access to recycling and rubbish bins for empty bottles etc.

  • If you need any help selecting drinks, please let us know, our bartenders have a wealth of knowledge and love assisting clients in their choices.