How much space do I require for a slumber party or glamping setup?

 Each teepee is 100cm x 100cm (180cm long with mattress). We can arrange the teepees in many configurations to make them fit together in any space. If you are unsure, please let us know the space available and we can see what we can come up with. 
For our outdoor slumber parties and glamping services, please allow at a minimum a flat grassed area of 8m x 8m.

What is your slumber party hire period? 

The Just Hitched team are pretty flexible and aim to work in with each customers specific time requests. However generally speaking, the hire period for our slumber party setup is 18-24 hours. Setup usually begins mid-day and we return the following morning to pack down.

Why do you charge a travel fee?

Because we service such a large area (Auckland/Waikato & Bay of Plenty) we decided rather than hiking up our prices for everyone to incorporate travel charges, we would keep them low and work on a travel rate for each location. This means the closer to us you are, the less you pay.

Are your tents waterproof?

Our outdoor slumber party/glamping tent is fully waterproof and holds up well in moderate rain. However our indoor teepee tents are not waterproof and are intended for indoor use only. If you are concerned about the weather please contact us to discuss.

How long does it take to setup?

It depends on how many guests and tents are needed. We generally allow 1 hour to set up 6 teepees, beds and bedding plus decorations. For our outdoor slumber party, please allow 1.5 hours.
Our honeymoon suite requires a great deal of love and attention so please allow 2-3 hours for setup (including hot tub).

What happens if it rains in terms of glamping & bell tent slumber parties?

The glamping tents are pretty water tight and stand up well in moderate wind conditions. We do however understand that glamping and outdoor slumber parties during wet and windy weather can be less enjoyable. If the weather isn’t looking flash, we will offer to reschedule to another date or if preferred we can offer a 50% refund. If our indoor teepee setups are available on the date, we can also look at switching to this with the add on elements of the bell tent slumber party.

What is included in each slumber party?

All items listed on our packages page, including assembly, styling and laundering of linen used.

Is bedding cleaned after each slumber party?

Absolutely. With a career background in nursing and health care, we place a strong emphasis on hygiene practices. All linen are laundered after each use and finished with a hospital grade spray disinfectant. If any linen is soiled, the hiree is responsible for its full replacement costs.